Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1. i'll be doing this!:

i'll be sharing space with my co-conspirator / lovely boyfriend. come buy creepy stuff from him and jewelry bits or hand knit items from me! we'll love you forever.

2. i'm getting flooded with requests for knit items from friends. weird! well, i guess not really. it always happens at this time of year. hats, gloves, baby caps, scarves, head bands. all of these requests come AFTER being accepted for the handmade market. ima be a busssy girl.

3. i have a for real interview this sunday!! for now, it's part time, entry level - which is not really what i'm looking for - but it is "very realistic that a full time position with a substantial pay rate increase" will be available soon! i'm so beyond stoked. even if i get a part time position and cut back the store to part time - life would be easier. less time at the store = less time for stressors to present themselves.
the best part - this company deals with natural + organic face + body care products - which fits right on in with what i already do an know. i should be 10 steps ahead of any other beginning associate.

4. holy crap it's october 7th! the holidays are so soon, and i haven't even given it a thought yet.

5. can someone PLEASE give me more free time?