Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sorry for the silence.

Things are moving right along for the move to Austin. So well, in fact, I've been neglecting my blogging responsibilities (for this site, indiana, it's over and indyvegans.com).

I returned from my last visit to Austin for Commodore Von Keepsie's Craftacular Music Carnivale & apartment hunting with a bit of a sunburn & complete confidence I was making the right choice. I found (and got approved for!) an apartment. I found my new favorite vegan dish. I got a chance to drive in Austin traffic for the first time (they're a little scary). I ran into 5 people during my 3 days in Austin. And the day I got back to work, I was introduced to a fella who represents a supplement company & is from Austin, who wants to help me find employment when I get to town! Could things be going any better?

Here are some awesome shots from my visit.

Commodore Von Keepsie's Craftacular Music Carnivale

Hot & Crunchy Avocado from the Mighty Cone
KimChi Fries from Chilantro BBQ

Hopdoddy Hempseed Burger

Potbelly Pig Friend

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

commodore von keepsie's craftacular music carnivale preview!

We'll be leaving in one short week for the 18-hour drive to Austin! I decided to give you a little preview of the items I'll have available for Commodore Von Keepsie's Craftacular Music Carnivale! (Did you RSVP yet? You really should! There's even going to be a 20 ft party robot!)

Looks like temperatures are going to be in the 80's and mostly sunny during the craft fair, but I'm still bringing my new leg warmers! It still gets cold at night, right? And what goes better with a pair of cute flats & a short skirt?

I will also be bringing a variety of colors & sizes of vintage inspired headbands. These headbands are knit in two colors, and fastened with a button & elastic at the base of your head. 

This might be my favorite. Flower clips. Hand-crafted flowers made out of old magazines, story-books, or how-to guides. These flowers have been sealed with clear gloss to give them extra stability, then attached to an alligator clip. They ARE still made out of paper, so being delicate & keeping them out of water is crucial!

I'm excited to vend my first craft fair in Austin - I hope it's the first of many!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

indiana, it's over.

Just in case you haven't heard yet, I'm moving to Austin, TX, to attend culinary school.

It's quite expensive to move cross country, so Mamus & I came up with a fundraiser idea. We'll be creating custom pieces for anyone that donates to our moving fund. Head on over to indianaitsover.wordpress.com to find out more details!