Sunday, November 22, 2009


bloomington handmade market has now come and gone. there was a pretty nice turnout & a nice selection of products/artists - overall pretty successful for a first time craft show/fair. i didn't do as well as i had hoped, but still good!

here are a couple of shots of our "booth":

it was crazy sunny in there the first half of the day - probably the first day in a few months that i got my fill of vitamin d!

my poor scarves didn't sell as well as i had thought they would. but i've come to somewhat of a conclusion based on comments & whispers that i've heard - everyone believes a hand knit scarf is something that they can make themselves. james suggested that my knitting is "too good" and doesn't look hand knit (awww, isn't he sweet) so people are not so inclined to purchase such an item.

regardless, since most of my knitting patterns are based upon my own designs, i think having a pattern (or small pattern book?!?) available for sale may be the way to go. maybe even a kit...

james had tons of success with his monster balls:

aside from the fair itself, my car was trying to overheat the whole way down there - but we made it. we unfortunately drank some terrible coffee but then made up for it with some super delicious coffee (from stefanos cafe! we met some super nice people. some lovely friends drove down to meet us and eat fried pickles & greek food. and on the way home we stopped to get a thin mint blizzard!

next up, holiday hoopla - indieana handicraft exchange mini on friday, december 4th @ the chatham center. i'll basically be selling monster balls for james, a few scarves, and perhaps some of my own holiday items (handmade stockings? knit ornaments?). should be fun fun fun - terrible sleep pattern time in full effect!

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