Sunday, December 27, 2009


I've had a very etsy christmas!

James & I both purchased gifts on etsy, we've created some gifts & are in the processing of posting the extras on etsy, and finally, christmas night I created an etsy treasury list.

Am I a bit addicted? I think so...

I thought we needed more than just monster ornaments for the tree, so I bought a cute little wool bird from Melissa Sue.

For my boss, I bought this cute (nursing) necklace from Natural Kids Toys. Although she isn't pregnant or anything, I'm sure she'll love it & will probably end up pregnant again some day.

James got quite a few etsy gifts....a moped shot glass from Of Mine Design.

An elephant taxi from Bunny With a Toolbelt. (if you haven't checked her stuff out yet, you really should, like, right now!)

And finally some little monsters from Happycloud Thunderhead.

And I finally got my very own petit from Morning Lori (lori brown)! I've been eyeing these cute stuffed creatures for months now. I'm so stoked!

Finally, here's a link to the christmas night treasury list: midwest is best! (it's so true)

This christmas has been one of the best yet! Christmas dinners have consisted of mushroom ravioli, chinese food, and gumbo. We're making a "traditional" dinner tomorrow (stay tuned for how that turns out :\). I feel like I gave awesome gifts, received awesome gifts, and spent every penny (pretty) wisely. I'm happy that I made a few people's christmas' with handmade items. I pretty much had the best company ever (james & my girls).

I still have gifts to give out that I'm way excited about, and a christmas party to attend with my Origins girls. Cheers to the holiday not ending officially until January 3rd!

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