Friday, February 26, 2010


In the midst of moving & being completely consumed with watching Lost (perhaps a terrible mistake where productivity is concerned) I have actually been working on some new stuff.

I got a bunch of gift cards for half price books over Christmas, and on one of many trips there I picked up the book Hex Signs:Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Learning the Craft. I've always been quite enamored with hex signs, for some reason. Perhaps it was the girl from Pennsylvania I lived with a few years back, or that trip to Pennsylvania I took when I was just a tiny little thing. Whatever it was, I don't really know. But something about the shapes, colors, "meanings" behind each part, and the pure simplicity of them is just so interesting to me.

After perusing the internet for a while reading the history and looking at lots and lots of classic signs, I decided to start making my own. Expand colors, add my own characters, use patterns instead of flat colors.

I started with making some valentine's for friends with the classic distelfink bird.

After making about 20 of those, I was ready to go for it. I went to a few thrift stores and found some old melmac plates to use as my "canvas" instead of a piece of wood. I rooted around my house and found all the paper scraps I could find, and picked up some more in the discount bins.

This is my new favorite thing, and I can't wait to move in (today!!) to the new house and create one to protect us & keep us happy.

Craft fair season is coming up, & I hope to have more than enough of these for people to take home & enjoy.

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  1. a woman after my own heart, I am sooo obsessed with hex signs.

    Do you know Erin Drew? Maybe you should.