Monday, August 1, 2011

On Being Homesick

It's true! (made by rararpress)
I think being homesick is probably just about one of the worst things ever. You might have your stuff from "home" around, your loved ones, but it still isn't "home." Everything you know, memories at every corner, that sort of stuff. Having recently moved, I am really starting to suffer from this terrible feeling. It took 2 months, but I suppose it must take a different amount of time for it to sink in for different people.

I don't really know what to do to squash this feeling, either. I'm sad, I don't feel like doing things, I can't sleep well, I literally feel sick, and I just feel myself sinking further. It's pretty bad, and it's not good when you need to go out and meet people and explore your new town.

It's been a rough few days, since it's really been settling in my heart. Here are some tips that I've found just in the past couple of days to help me feel a little better. Please, share any tips you have - I can use anything you can think of!

???? (made by bopeepbaby)
1. Call your mom/dad! I know, totally lame - but sometimes just hearing a completely familiar voice can help.
2. Hugs - if you're fortunate (like I am) to have loved ones with you, hug them. Alot.
3. Call/email friends - I know you're feeling forgotten/left out, but they more than likely still love you & miss you, too.
4. Create to-do lists. Yep, give yourself things to do so you don't waste your whole day lying on the couch. And keeping busy will help keep your mind off of it.
5. Take a shower every day. There's nothing like a good cry in the shower, and wallowing in your own dirt doesn't help anything/anyone.
6. Plan a visit home. If it's in one week or 4 months, anything, just something to look forward to.
7. Remember why you're there. Refocus on your goal & remember that you're there for a purpose.
8. Write postcards/letters/send packages. You might think people should be sending you bits of home, but honestly, sending others you love mail helps, oddly enough.
9. If it starts getting really bad, do something! Take a bath, cook a meal, take your dogs on a walk. It should help the feeling pass.
10. Stay off of facebook/twitter for excessive amounts of time. Reading about what all your friends are doing at home (i.e. what you would be doing) only will make you long for home even more.

So - what do you suggest? I'll try out any suggestions you have, cause I really gotta stop this feeling!
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  1. Aww, poor you :( Homesickness is a heartaching feeling. The tip number 7 is actually very good! Then again for me talking on a phone with someone who's still home doens't help a bit, since hearing their voices only ignites a way worse longing... I guess there's not much you could do except for taking this advice of yours. Plus, making new friends and having fun with them has helped me.

  2. Aww don't feel like you need to squash your homesickness. It's a VALID feeling that you must know what it's like to FEEL! I know that when I'm homesick, it means that I have more out there somewhere... more to my life than this empty room and a town full of strangers. I have a mom and dad, a brother and cats, a grandma who worries about me, and tons of silly friends who know silly things about me. They're out there and that's what I get homesick for. The places I go with them and the memories we made. Ugh I'm going to cry now. I haven't been home for a year.