Friday, March 20, 2009


hello, blogger, hello again.

this is my second attempt at a creative blog.
i had one before, with another girl, who decided to not renew our site, and lost all of my information. .

so, here we go again. maybe i'll do better this time.

expect mostly creative blah blah and the occasional auto-biographical spurt, if something is so exciting it really is blog worthy. i might throw in a few reviews of albums/films/books/people and whatnot as well.

i have so so many ideas popping about in my head, i hope many of them become a reality!

here is a current list of things i'm working on making real:

- designing some knitted pieces including cuffs, wraps, scarves, and hats that will include custom buttons made by myself and/or (more hopefully) my lovely boyfriend.

- seeking out the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe. i've got the best chocolate and vanilla frosting recipes down! (i'll post those soon!)

- clutches clutches clutches! i've only got 2 small ones made, but have about 6 more frames! i love these things cause you can find them cheap at goodwill and rip out the nasty design they've made and make it pretty!

- bags, in general. i'm about 1 hour away from finishing a cute gingham bag with some plain black handles. it was a clutch, but i made the pattern from scratch and it was just a wee-bit big.

- paper is fun! i just finished a clock for my parents anniversary, and have a bunch of scrapbooking paper left. i don't have a definitive idea for these yet, but definitely have ideas brewing.

- crochet is a new-old thing for me! i'm working on this heartfelt bicycle seat cover, well, minus the heart part. it's all green. i'm stuck at the sides, but i'm confident i'll figure it out. a friend asked me if i could make him one, and i'm determined to do it!

well, that's just a few things that i've got in the works.

for now, i'll leave you with a photo of the nom nom nom cowl i just finished, as well as the cupcakes i made for the the failures' union/cheap girls show last week.

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  1. You might consider trying this for the vanilla cupcakes:

    I haven't tried that recipe yet, but I've obsessed with many other recipes that I've somewhat modified from that site.