Sunday, March 29, 2009


i completed some projects this weekend. (see below)
i also attended the "craftacular" in bloomington, which was a VERY misleading name. i don't really want to go in to it, but i was HIGHLY disappointed, and hate bloomington even more now than i already did.

to make up for bloomington's complete and utter fail, we stopped by mass ave knits on the way home. whoa. i kept saying "i need to go, i need to go" and i am so glad i finally did! it was huge, they have a sale room, a button wall, and were selling girl scout cookies. i got some great soy/wool blend yarn, and picked up an entry for bags to riches 2009.

i completed the spring beret that i almost completed at the beginning of the week, but then dropped stitches, and failed at. well, this time i didn't fail! but, it is way too big for my head and not nearly as slouchy as i would like. it's definitely a pattern i think will serve as a good foundation for something awesome. i'll have to post a photo later...

i also completed a batch of buttons!! james cut these out at the beginning of the week for me, and they really turned out nice!

i had to sand them, and then it was time to give them some color!

next, they got some detail with an ink pen.

ta da! i think the first batch came out decent. but, i see things that can be way more awesome on the next batch. they're quite cute though! i am really pleased. now i just need things to put them on!

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