Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so, i've been terrible about posting. absolutely terrible.
but, that's because i've been so busy!

just a quick list of things i've been up to:

- organizing flickr
- gathering odds 'n ends for odds 'n ends projects
- finding a bicycle, making plans for said bicycle, bugging james about stripping bicycle (tonight, it's being sanded and primed. this thing is going to end up beautiful.)
- knitting spring berets like mad, and making some changes to make them more to my liking
- cooking cooking cooking. yum! cupcakes, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms are the most popular things.
- watching Eureka! - great show.
- setting up my sewing machine (yes! finally set up) and working on odds 'n ends i've needed that for.
- resin casting - knitting needles (first attempt last night!)
- being broke - seriously broke. and having $1000 in car repairs come out of nowhere! trying to save money for the big swap bonanza next weekend in chicago! that will be great!
- working on a knit clutch pattern with lil' birdies.

if you want 'better' updates...follow me on twitter: twitter.com/shhhkate. i tweet about food...alot.

i'll have some photos to post soon. i have them now, but i need to get back to knitting...i've got some things to finish up before next weekend!

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