Saturday, January 15, 2011

saturday lovin'

I've been so much more diligent about keeping track of blogs these days. I want to share with you my top three reads so far for the year.

1.  Something Monumental - I've been a pretty faithful reader of Mandy's blog for a few months now. A while back, she said she was going to be posting less but it seems to me she is posting more! I am not complaining. She's got cute tutorials, great photography, and cute creations.

 2.  Bird's Party - This one is a new find for me. Great tutorials, cute imagery, bright colors - you really can't miss it. I look forward to following their posts this year & see more of what they're about.

3. Vegan Baking - Enough said. I want to bake my way through their website.

And, with that, I'm going to go eat a raw brownie bar.

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