Monday, June 20, 2011

The Kitchen Window

Today, I finally got a job! That means bills will be paid and I will have somewhere to go. I am beyond excited.

I don't know too much yet about the place, but the place is called The Kitchen Window. It's a food truck that is located behind Thom's Market at Barton Springs Road & Jessie Street. I am beyond stoked to not be working in retail and to have a chance to work with food.

Check it out - they're working on a new menu, which should include 3 vegetarian items!

I start Thursday :)

I have a really great plan on another project to work on over the summer when I'm not working. Details on that later...


  1. congrats on your job! so is this truck air conditioned cause it sounds like it is very hot in Austin! Are you cooking or what does your job entail? Hope you love it.
    meanwhile, it's been fairly cool here of late! go figure. and i haven't forgotten our blog project. :)
    P.S. what did you say in your yelp review that got the hot response from the owner?

  2. thanks mandy!

    and rick, i'm going to email you a response :)