Monday, December 27, 2010

thanks to christmas....

...and my receptive & generous family, we have saved up about $1000 already for a move to Austin (fingers crossed Austin, at least)! A big chunk was added due to my family passing on getting me gifts and donating money instead, all of them giving me their winning lottery tickets, having a spending limit on gifts for James, and working hard at knitting as much as possible for special orders.

We are visiting in just 3 short weeks - can NOT wait! We're ready to get out of the cold and in to little bit warmer temperatures. Ready to explore a new city, rent some bikes, stay in a fancy hotel, eat as much delicious as possible, and feel confident about moving. 

Three places I am most excited about visiting (so far):

Paper Place - "...a delightful destination for special items such as: stationery, cardstock and envelopes, notepads, wrapping paper and gift bags, and paper plates and napkins."

 Snap Kitchen  - "...dedicated to bringing our customers flavorful, handcrafted food that supports our commitment to local, organic ingredients and healthy cooking. All of our menu items are portion controlled and labeled with the full nutritional content."

Sugar Mama's Bake Shop - "Our mission is to provide our guests with unparalleled customer service and the freshest, most delicious baked goods around. Your mission is to try them all. You'll find nothing but the highest quality ingredients in all of our from-scratch recipes. Ingredients like Nielsen-Massey extracts, Valrhona chocolate, and locally sourced cage-free eggs. No preservatives. No mixes. No shortening. No shortcuts. We're also doing our part to keep Austin green. Our cups are made from renewable, compostable materials."

If you've been to Austin, do you have any places you suggest we go?


  1. So exciting! I might be visiting Austin in fall 2011. Not sure yet.

  2. Wow. That looks like so much fun. I know your going to have a great time.