Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ice storm!

The midwest is in the midst of an ice storm right now. It's pretty quiet around & outside of the Murphy Building - businesses closed up, people staying home. The perfect excuse to be "stuck" at home (although, I already had the next two days off).
Looking out the window.

I'm busy working on finishing up our project for First Friday. We have a "couple-theme" going - we've asked some cute, artistic couples to create either a collaborative piece or separate pieces to show the differences in artistic style. It should be neat! Here is a little preview:

 First Friday is this Friday, February 4th. We're on the second floor in the Murphy Building: 1043 Virginia Avenue!


  1. Sorry, I didn't take part in this. My other half is a scientist, so I would've done all the work. Can't wait to see what you came up with! Hope you're staying warm and safe! :)

  2. It's okay! You doing all the work would have defeated the purpose!

    I'll be contacting you soon about another opportunity :)

    So far, so good here. Hope you are as well!