Friday, February 18, 2011

looking for a new project?

How about 365 projects - one for each day of the year?

365 projects are gaining more and more steam every year. From food photos, to vector characters, to - yes - crafts! is a handy little website to get you crafting an item each day of the year (you wouldn't need to by any birthday/christmas presents!) There are all kinds of neat items like the soda coin purse, decoupage stool, and even a candy belt (although, I would recommend letting someone else eat all that candy). is a great jumping point to get your DIY spirit inspired. Not only are the craft projects available here quick and simple, a lot of them use materials you already have lying around your house for recycling!


  1. I'll have to check this out! I've never participated in any 365 thing. It seems like too much pressure. That's probably because I'm usually trying to do 20 things in one day.

  2. it's not really too much pressure once you get into the swing of things. it's just like one more thing you do every day (say, brush your teeth, go to work).
    but, i totally understand what you're saying. and, i'm being a little hypocritical cause i haven't taken my photo for the past 5 days. :/