Monday, November 22, 2010

crafty supermarket wrap-up

What a crazy day! Waking up at 7am is no good for me.  After slicing through the thickest fog I have EVER seen, we made it to Cincinnati around 10am.  Walking in, there was a line already at the front door.  It just kept getting longer and longer, and by the time it was time to open, it wrapped around the front of the building!

Mamus had a great day! It was his first time being able to take credit cards, thanks to Square, and it nearly doubled his sales. (We thank Sunday Afternoon Housewife for that tip!) The whole event had a great vibe about it. I think Crafty Supermarket is one of the best, most exciting, eclectic craft fairs I've ever been to. 

I successfully purchased most items I set out to purchase, along with one bonus item for a baby shower gift!

Here's my loot:

From top left down:
1. Colette Paperie - - calendar & mini-journal
2. Owlette Collective - - bib
3. One Pearl Button - - postcard set
4. MorningLori - - Petit, Caleb
5. The Littlest Bean - - Barrettes

You'll notice the shoes are missing: one day....

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoy a short week thanks to Thanksgiving. (I sure don't get one, so enjoy it for me, too!)

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