Sunday, November 14, 2010

too busy!

I've been way too busy this week. Between work, visiting Cincinnati, and Ben Kweller, I haven't had time to think - write - relax.

On Thursday (my only day off during a 2-week period) we went to Fabricate in Cincinnati to drop off some artwork for the Microcosm show that Mamus is participating in. I also dropped off some men's knit bandanas for the shop. Fabricate just moved down the street next to Take the Cake, so it was great to get to check out their new digs. They've definitely moved up - lots more space! I'm excited to check it out again once they get everything together. I got a sweet pin.

Following our visit, we went and gorged ourselves at The Loving Hut - a vegan chain that's popping up everywhere.  Within the last year, they've opened something like 160 locations! Crazy! It was pretty okay, but my favorite part was the pie - Raw Blueberry Cheesecake Pie (everything else tasted like basic chain fare, nothing to write home about, nothing better than what I could lazily put together at home).

Saturday, we took off to Bloomington after a crazy day at work to see the beautiful musical stylings of Ben Kweller.  I can't get enough of this guy! What a weird show though - it was at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater so there were seats and no room to get up and move. It felt like most of the crowd wasn't interested in moving anyways, so I ended up seat dancing and singing-along mostly. It was a completely one-man show - it was Ben & his voice & guitar or piano. I can't wait to get to Austin so I don't have to wait 2 years between shows.


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