Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I will buy at Crafty Supermarket

Tomorrow is the day! Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati!

I am lucky enough (well, that's all relative) to NOT be vending. I also am NOT working while in town, like I did during the Bloomington Handmade Market. I have plans to eat at Melt with my dear friend Greg Beale, help Mamus sell out of holiday ornaments & teeth, and buy stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Well, hopefully not too much (I am trying to save money for school, you know).  Here's a run down of what I plan (hope) to buy! 

I got my first plush from MorningLori (Lori Brown) last Christmas, and it's time to add another friend (or two).  According to her blog, she has a "heap of new plush" she's bringing. I better go see her first thing so I get best choice.

No matter how terrible I am at using them, I love collecting calendars. This will be my first 2011 calendar purchase - and will be completely unlike your typical calendar or organizer!


I love these shoes. Everything about them is perfect.  Shoes made using sustainable and local materials, without the use of any adhesives, and 100% vegan. It is not the season for flats, but I may have to take the plunge.

I have been in dire need of new hair barrettes for quite a while now. My hair hasn't been this long in over 15 years, and I can't wear it up in a ponytail any longer (too cold!).  These are cute & colorful, and my favorite kind of clip! Having thick hair really limits my choice in barrettes.

I've been following this Alli's blog since last time we were in Cincinnati for Crafty Supermarket. This will be her first craft show, and I hope to help her have a positive experience. I have a certain special friend that loves polaroids & can't wait to see what surprise I can pick up for her from Alli.
Feel free to holler at me if you're there, I'll probably buy something from you too!

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