Monday, November 1, 2010

horror movies

Well, October has come & gone.  Halloween is over - but that is no reason to put away the horror movies.  I used to try and watch one horror movie a day in the month of October (I don't have time for that anymore!) but this year I only managed to get a handful in.  Here are three noteworthy (bad & good) horror/bloody/creepy films I came across this October.

1.  The Human Centipede:  I don't know whether to call it a horror film, science fiction, or just downright outrageously creepy.  I was squeamish during the whole film - just thinking about the situation the characters were in.  To be honest, the movie had a terrible start. If it weren't for the creep level, I probably I would have turned this off half-way through. I don't know if I'm happy about that or not. If you like creepy films - I recommend it!

2.  The Death Factory: Bloodletting:  Lots of blood & gore. This film totally bored me and couldn't really keep my attention.  The story behind everything was okay, I guess, but I don't felt it was explored very well. I can't really say much more about it.  If you like bloody messes, it might be for you.

3.  I Think We're Alone Now:  Okay, so not a typical "horror" film.  This is actually a documentary about 2 obsessed Tiffany fans. If I were Tiffany, I would categorize this under "horror." The fans are completely out of their minds over Tiffany and have no clue how outrageous they are. Great film, interesting characters.  If you like documentaries, and pop culture, watch it!

Did you catch any awesome horror (or not so horror) films this month?

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