Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blogging workshop: playing catch-up

I've been completely & utterly consumed with knitting & new tasks at work these past few days. I haven't been doing the blogging workshop prompts, but I have been thinking about them. Am I procrastinating?

So this is me, playing catch-up.  I have a brief moment in between knitting projects (which, by the way, you can see the new cap I made over at my nutritious knitting blog).

Our first prompt of the week was to write a book review! A book review?!? I haven't read a craft book in ages - I guess I like to learn most of my crafty knowledge by experience & through others.  But, when we were in Cincinnati for crafty supermarket this past spring, we managed to pick up Grace Dobush's Crafty Superstar

I whizzed through this book in just a couple of days - being a seasoned craft fair vendor/attendee, there wasn't a ton of knowledge for me to learn.  Chapters 5 (Get Noticed) and 6 (Finding Balance) were more up my alley - but were a little bit further than where I was ready to go. 

This book is CRUCIAL for crafters wanting a basic idea of what to expect and some great tips on how to get to their goal.  It's written from a DIY perspective & is fun and interesting enough to keep anybody's attention.  The whole end of the book (Appendix A-I) are probably the most helpful parts of any book I have.

And lastly, I will share a mission statement with you:
I am an artist, through and through.  Knitting is an art, paper crafts are an art, even food is an art.  To me, art & creativity are everywhere and in everything. I love sharing mine, and I love sharing yours.

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