Friday, October 1, 2010


this marks the beginning of the October blogging workshop run by the amazingly fun martha of sunday afternoon housewife fame.

i've been wanting to write more & participate in a workshop, and when i saw her post that she was offering one the other day - i couldn't pass it up! so, here goes nothing!

our first prompt was to check out some new-to-me craft blogs on the interwebs and poke around them to find out what i like/didn't like. what's better than looking at new crafty goodness!?!

first up:
polka dot robot
the first thing that struck me was how well (& how many) photos were used - photos for everything! i love being about to see photos about what i'm reading about, instead of just imagining things. don't get me wrong - i love using my imagination - but seeing what someone is actually writing about is great! i am totally one of those people that wants to take a photo of everything to share it, but i forget to take the photograph! while i enjoyed the idea of having 4 different crafty ladies post on the blog, it did in part feel like i was reading 4 different blogs at once - which felt a bit confusing.

loladee (actually was a click-through link from polka dot robot that i couldn't pass up reviewing!
i immediately was drawn to the simple, bubbly graphics. the first post was "5 things [i fell in love with] friday." i gotta tell ya, i love these things. i love seeing what other people love - because more often than not, they are truly love-able! this can actually lead to a endless chain of link-clicking and cuteness - i've lost days at a time by doing this. the design of this blog is so simple, yet everything pops so dramatically. i am definitely adding this one to my google reader!

the first thing i see on this site is a big beautiful red apple. i love food, food is fighting for my number 1 passion (along with creating things). any time you blog about food, you're a#1 in my book. when you attach incredible photos to that, you're golden. i could look at these photos for hours (i imagine a snack will be had after this post...) i love that this blog has minimal design, but plenty of content. simple colors and graphics lead to a simple, easy to navigate site. this site did have a negative for me - the corporate advertising. these ads felt ridiculously out of place and really ruined the vibe for me.

well, that looks like it for today! my next prompt is monday - can't wait!

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  1. great first post from the workshop Kate! I hope you are enjoying it all so far!