Monday, October 25, 2010

pomegranate pie

I've been obsessing over pomegranates ever since my lovely friend Sham taught me to to shuck/seed/whatever you want to call it, a pomegranate last week.  So last night, I tried my hand at making a pomegranate pie.  The crust was basically a fail, the insides turned out delicious!  So head on over to nutritious knitting, my cooking/school fundraising blog, to check it out!
Keeping in the theme of pomegranate, I'm going to get a new tattoo today. A pomegranate tattoo. With my dear friend, Jessica, who is moving back to Hawaii tomorrow.  She was the first person to ever share with me the deliciousness that is pomegranate.  She wanted to get a tattoo before she left, and we tried to bounce ideas of one another.  Then, just a few days ago, a pomegranate was suggested.  Perfect!  I've got lots of artwork I like, and only about 7 more hours to decide.

What do you think?


  1. I like the 2ed one from the bottom.

  2. I like the second to the last one too.

  3. That one is extremely beautiful. Just found out we can't do the appointment tonight, now. So I can get something more elaborate! I also like the green one, and the ones James drew are fun, too. I should have him draw me a ton of fruits & veggies!