Wednesday, October 6, 2010

higgins waterproof drawing ink

(it's my fortieth post, and i think i've decided to actually start giving posts titles. interesting idea? i think so.)

today i'm going to tell you a little about higgins waterproof drawing ink. i've figured out that this is mamus' secret weapon - i swear, before i knew about this stuff, i couldn't paint.

but put a paintbrush in my hand now, ask me to do details - and, voila! after a quick warm-up i feel like i've been painting for days. this acrylic ink glides on smoothly to any sort of paper/paint surface like it just knows where to go.

do you have a favorite paint/ink? i'd love to know some more brands that i could try!


  1. i have a set of watercolors that i love. actually, i think it is gouache. the consistency is in between water color and acrylic.

  2. that's kinda how this works! it's just perfect.