Monday, October 4, 2010


happy monday! it's my first full week of the october blogging workshop run by sunday afternoon housewife. it only makes sense that we will be doing a recap of our crafty vendor/shopper weekend. this past first friday, i was a vendor at the indieana handicraft exchange mini fall even at the harrison center for the arts.

i split a table with mamus, as i wasn't sure in the beginning if i wanted to vend. and to be honest, i wish i hadn't bothered. the whole event was really terrible for me. it was great getting to see friends i haven't seen in a while, meeting a bunch of new people, and getting to see some new items from my favorite artists - but aside from that, meh.

i had a similar experience at the last handicraft exchange, so it's really forcing me to take a look at what i'm doing. during the summer event we were outside where the temperature was 90 degrees plus and a lot of the shoppers didn't even know we were part of the event. this time around the event was very poorly advertised in my opinion - no flyers, posters, and very minimal online advertising. after having conversations with past vendors and shoppers, it came to light that many people did not even know the event was happening. that's all fine and good, but i have to wonder, am i just making up excuses to make me feel better?

i can't really tell. i get a lot of good feedback from my items - "that's cute!" "how funny!" "this is beautiful" "how soft" - but i don't get a lot of sales. perhaps it was too soon for scarves, perhaps many of the shoppers did not plan on buying anything as it was a first friday event (where the majority of people aren't shopping), or perhaps i'm just missing....something.

i have one more event coming up on friday, november 5 - Murphys Seasonal Bazaar. i have higher hopes for this one - the murphy building's artists have put together this event, hopefully the first of many!


  1. Kate, Sorry you had a frustrating night at the IHE! I am really looking forward to the Murphy's event, too. Can't wait to see you there. You're doing great with your prompts so far! Keep it up!

  2. i really hope it was just an off night!!

    your words of encouragement are splendid - thank you :)