Friday, October 15, 2010

handmade promenade!

It's this weekend!  I hope to make it (I have to work, like usual) to start my holiday shopping list!  Alot of my favorite local artists will be there like Sunday Afternoon Housewife, Busty's Fun Bags, and Geek Soap.  Rumor has it that the weather will be perfect, and the Promenade is held in conjunction with the Broad Ripple Music Fest - one of the best music fests Indianapolis has to offer. 

These events really get my holiday juices flowing (I like to start formulating ideas earlier rather than later) so that I can be proactive about the holidays and make sure I can get everyone something unique & thoughtful.  How early do you start your holiday shopping list?  Any events that you can recommend for me to check out (in the midwest, of course!)?


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