Wednesday, October 13, 2010

schedule schmedule

If it was a perfect world, I would spend my days knitting scarves & hats & toys, rolling in the grass with my dogs, cooking vegan food, and watching Tom Hanks films. 

Unfortunately, that is not my life.  I would like to work less - but work pays the bills.  And work also provides money to buy supplies to knit into items that I can sell so that I can save money to go to school. 

Luckily, my job is pretty "easy" for lack of a better term.  I chat with folks all day - they ask silly questions, I answer them, and then get to chuckle about it later.  Sometimes, I even get a few stitches in or a few paragraphs read. I'm a people person 9 to 5, (more like 12 to 8) so after work I love to curl up on the couch and knit and turn "off."  I get alot of crafting done as I try to relax from work - luckily for me it's actually not relaxing to sit there and do nothing. 

On a perfect day (and this is ....sometimes... what happens on my days off) I wake up at my regular time (9) and watch court TV shows while perusing the internet for anything I may have missed the night before.  I drink my coffee, take a shower, then I put on a movie and knit.  After that, I can do pretty much anything and the day is a solid win in my book since I was productive at the start of my day!

What does your schedule look like?  How do you find time get all your crafting done?

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