Thursday, October 7, 2010


who doesn't like to put things off every once in a while?  i know i do, and once i start procrastinating, i really don't stop.  it's like a snowball effect.

for me, the best and practically only way i stop procrastinating is by diving into a project that isn't too tedious.  one that can be completed fairly quickly & easily.  once that one is completed, that sense of accomplishment tends to keep me motivated (for the next few days, at least). 

if i have a few larger projects looming in the distance, i try to break them up in to smaller pieces.  do bit by bit instead of thinking about the final product.  it's almost a surprise when everything comes together & is done.

do you have any tips to beat your procrastinating self?


  1. Hm, I don't know! I also fall into the procrastination trap. My major way out of it is guilt, haha. Eventually *not* doing whatever needs to be done makes me feel worse than doing it. Your method of breaking it up into smaller tasks is probably healthier!

  2. oh dang, you should not guilt yourself into it! no good! i hope you try breaking stuff up instead of guilt next time! :)

  3. I seem to procrastinate on the everyday things. I keep a to do list of everything and mark it off as I get it done. I love lining through completed tasks.

  4. lists are great! i'm always making them at work and finding them days later in pants pockets. that's probably a good thing considering i usually only accomplished a couple things on the list.